Wednesday, December 13, 2023

St. Lucia Feast 2023

Today is St. Lucia Day, and one of 
the Nielson family's favorite holidays!
We honor light and love and our Scandinavian heritage!
This year, Lucia was played by Lottie.
She was a beautiful Lucia!!

Grilled Citrus Salmon 
Grilled New Potatoes
Red Fruit Salad with Nutella Whipped Cream
Roll Wreath with Mascarpone and Raspberry Jam
Agurkesalat-Cucumber Dill Salad

Warm Cider with Danish pastries and colorful Macarons

"And so we see that Jesus Christ is the light of the world because 
he is the source of the light that quickens our understanding, 
because his teachings and his example illuminate our path, 
and because his power persuades us to do good."
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