Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Christmas Notepads

  I finally got the Christmas packages off to my
 missionaries in Portugal and Brazil!  
Annnd I basically sold my left arm to pay for it, and
 get everything to them; it's certainly not cheap!
Ollie had a very special request for Christmas this year in his
Christmas package, he wanted a few custom-made Pinhole Press notepads, 
just like the ones I make for our annual back-to-school feasts in August. 
The notepads are printed with our family's theme and a colorful photo, 
and the Nies absolutely love them, especially Ollie. 
He loves them so much that it's basically his
 only request for Christmas. 
He uses them for everything from jotting down to-do lists to
 note-taking in missionary work, and even capturing moments of inspiration. 
He requested a photo of him and Gigs and 
our most recent family theme.

 I can't wait to talk to him on Christmas (he gets to call!) 
because I'm sure he'll be thrilled with these notepads!

I also FINALLY got around to putting together my family
There is still time to get them ordered! (plus 25% off!)

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