Wednesday, December 27, 2023

One Ring To Rule Them All

This year, for our Christmas movie marathon, we dove into the 
spectacular Lord of The Rings series, including the 
Amazon Rings of Power episodes, AND The Hobbit.  
And all in order, of course.
That's like 50 hours of magical madness.
Last night, we finally completed the marathon, 
and by the time the last movie was over
everyone had already dozed off, leaving me the only one still awake. 
As the final credits rolled, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride 
 having successfully completed the marathon!
So I clapped, and everyone woke up and joined in.

My takeaways: 
-Tauriel is my favorite girl Elf,
even though she was a character added to the
Hobbit film adaptation.
-Poldark is still hot as a dwarf.
-Gandalf the Gray loses some charm and character when he turns into
Gandalf the White.
-Liv Tyler = amazing
-If I could choose Christian as an Elf (Legolas) or Human (Aragorn)
I would choose him as an Elf.
-The CG Orcs are stupid.
The scariest Orc is this guy:

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