Thursday, December 28, 2023

Baking for New Years

We are still enjoying some of the treats I made during the Christmas break, 
especially the homemade marshmallows, a Nielson family classic. 
These marshmallows go perfectly with my Liquid Gold hot chocolate, 
which I haven't had a chance to make yet. 
I am looking forward to making it for New Year's Eve. 
And we've also been enjoying these delicious soft gingerbread cookies.
I made a huge batch of these, which were gone in one day.

All the New Year decorations are up, and shopping is done for 
our dinner on Sunday night.  I'm making a Yule log!
I've never made one of these before.
I am begging Gigs to bring one of his galfriends over to spend
the evening with us. 
He'd literally rather die.
Next year, we hope Claire has a cute boy kissing her
when the clock strikes midnight!
(She'll kill me for saying that!).

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