Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Cabin Fever

 Today, admittedly, I was a little holiday-ed out.
I mean, all I wanted to do was...well, nothing!
I did put up some New Year's decorations, and did a load of wash.
But I didn't want to cook or clean up anything.
Speaking of wash, I found in Lottie's dirty clothes basket
a whole outfit ensemble that somehow she was successfully able
to take off in one piece.
Undies, pants, and socks all attached!
How does this happen??
It made me laugh so hard!

The girls had a little cabin fever, too.
So we went for a walk and grabbed dinner.
I'm still 100% all in with the Christmas music and decorations.
I am NOT ready to be done yet.
I just don't want to cook any more food for a few days.

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