Tuesday, November 07, 2023


This morning, I went outside to warm up the car before 
leaving for school with Lottie. As I stepped outside,
I was greeted by the sun peeking over the trees and 
shining directly on the pasture, highlighting the colors.
 The beauty of the moment was simply breathtaking. 
Autumn is still in full swing here.
This afternoon after school, Lottie went outside to feed the chickens
and again, I was caught up in the beauty of the day.
The colors, the sky, the views, Lottie's magnificent red hair,
the majestic chickens, the light breeze shaking free leaves
from the trees surrounding Stillestead,
and Angus racing around, happy to be alive.
When life starts to feel overwhelming, and peace seems out of reach, 
I gravitate to nature for comfort because 
I see His love in the beauty that surrounds me.
 If I allow His peace to guide my thoughts,
they inevitably focus on the abundance I already enjoy
 in my life every day - the vibrant colors, the changing seasons, my loving family, 
the cycles of day and night, and the comforting predictability they bring. 
Even the cooler weather invigorates me and strengthens my faith.

"Joy in this life, right now—not despite the challenges of our day 
but because of the Lord's help to learn from and ultimately 
overcome them—and immeasurable joy in the life to come.
 Tears will dry up, broken hearts will be mended, 
what is lost shall be found, concerns shall be resolved, 
families will be restored, and all that the Father hath will be ours."

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