Wednesday, November 08, 2023

A Lizard Named Chuck

Lottie and I worked on a project that she'd been anxious
 to start for months now; we embroidered her shoes! 
(Well, one of them, anyway).
She picked out a lizard pattern, took a deep breath, and began sewing
Chuck, the cute little lizard on the side of her Chuck Taylor's.
I stayed close in case she needed me-
(who am I kidding? My fingers CANNOT for my life
get the thread in the needle hole. #burnedgirlproblems).
While she focused on that, I pulled out craft bins and 
began organizing in preparation for the upcoming holidays. So excited!
She finished one shoe and did a fantastic job!
Tomorrow, we will complete the left shoe and tidy up the room,
we left in a mess when we stopped for dinner.
Speaking of messes, Gigs also cleaned up his room while all this
was going on.
His room is what I call a forever mess. 
What clean is to him is not necessarily what clean is to me.
Oh, boys.

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