Thursday, November 09, 2023


 Last night, after dinner was cleaned up, Gigs brought out one of his 
remote-controlled cars to spin around the kitchen.
Of course, Christian couldn't help himself and join in.  
In fact, he had more fun than Gigs, I think.
Then I was reminded about the time when we lived in 
a remote-controlled helicopter. He'd get home from work and fly it
around the yard with the Nies- especially Ollie, who was in complete awe.
(I was pregnant with Gigs. He still had about a month more of cooking time).
I remember also loving it because it gave me a few minutes to be alone
for the first time that whole day.
Not that my kids bugged me or anything like that, but because
I just generally love being alone and need that time to recharge and regroup
especially before the dinnertime hustle.

I still need that.

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