Friday, November 10, 2023


Christian towed the squeeze chute and 
spent the day with a friend on his farm working his cattle.
They vaccinated, preg-checked, and castrated.
It's hard physical work, but it's his favorite workday.
Later that day, when he pulled up to the house, 
I went outside to greet him and noticed something hanging
off the chute, almost touching the ground.
I walked over to inspect to discover this: a pair of you-know-whats
hanging down off the side of the chute.
I laughed thinking about Christian driving the 2 hours with those little guys
bouncing around and sometimes dragging on the road.
Then Angus pranced over to them and tried to take a bite out of crime.
I stopped him, but Christian was OK with this strangeness
and added:
"You know these are a delicacy?
They are called Rocky Mountian Oysters."

Gag me.


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