Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The Axe

Since our hens have been laying eggs, we are harvesting about 5-4 daily.
We have brown eggs and beautiful olive-colored eggs from our 
Easter Egger sister.  
Unfortunately, we have decided to say farewell to three of our roosters.
It was tough trying to decide which ones to axe (literally),
but we've decided to keep Cody, (who, as you may remember, survived a fight.
We decided to keep him because that was a pretty fantastic survival),
and Donatello, who is definitely the boss around here.
Claire and Christian rolled into Stillestead around 10:00 last night.
We stayed up talking and laughing and then went to bed late.
Of course, this is such a joyous time for me!
She climbed into bed with Lod, who are both still asleep 
as I type this (I've been up and to a Barre class in Chapel Hill.
I even made a last-minute run to Trader Joe's
and they are both still zonked!).
Now I'm going to start my pies!

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