Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Making Room

Today, I made a fire, turned on Christmas music and
worked around the house getting everything 
organized and ready for Claire's return.
She moved almost a year ago, and during that time, her room
has become a holding cell for Elder and Sister Nielson's personals.
It's been like Tetris figuring out where all this stuff will now go.
Almost every bed in this house is packed with belongings underneath it; 
closets are crowded and bursting with things.
Gigs came home from school and made Mousse de Maracuja,
 his favorite Brazilian treat he learned from Claire.
In one of his classes tomorrow at school, he has to prepare and serve a
treat from a different country.
He was on the phone with Claire, who was now in Tennessee
 driving home with Christian (they arrive tonight!), she talked to Gigs
through the whole process.
I am so excited to have her back in the group!
Meanwhile, I made a thankful wreath and got my Spode
Thanksgiving plates, goblets, gold flatware, and serving dishes out.
Tomorrow, I will start the pies and other food prep.

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