Monday, November 20, 2023


This morning as I fed the cows in the pasture, 
I talked to Jane AND, Christian, and Claire, who 
were probably somewhere in the middle of Oklahoma driving home.

I noticed that cow #15 had a green sticker...again.
We don't want the cows to have green stickers.  It means
they are NOT BRED, and that is a bummer!
That also means when Christian returns, we will have to try again.
It's such a process!!
On my way back home, I picked up beautiful leaves
in fantastic shapes and lovely colors.
I am planning something cool for my Thanksgiving table centerpiece.
Walking home in the tranquility of the morning, 
I really soaked up the peaceful solitude. 
Being alone in an empty house can have an 
incredible impact on productivity and well-being; it's kind of amazing.

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