Friday, August 18, 2023

The Intruder!

Last night, Christian and Lottie played 9 holes 
with Gigs after his shift at the golf course. This has been a regular occurrence 
lately, and Lottie is improving her golf skills. 
I am proud of her; I may have an athletic daughter after all. 
This gave me a few hours to myself at home, which I always love.
As the sun went down, I peeked out the window and saw the chickens
grazing in the front yard.
Then about an hour later, I heard the familiar sound of Christian's diesel
truck followed by the zoom of Gigs on the motorcycle.
I waited for them to walk in the front door, but it never happened
so I went outside to greet them, only to find the front yard filled with white
chicken feathers and a very concerned Lottie.
Something got the chickens before they made it to the coop for the night
and the intruder got his hands/claws/teeth in two of our chickens;
Cody and Cubby.
I don't mean to sound gruesome, but I'm not even 
sure how Cubby was even holding her neck up.
Half of it was gone and exposed.
Cody's right wing looked deformed, and his right eye was gone.
Lottie held onto Cubby tightly while Gigs and Christian scoured the 
property looking for the other chickens and praying no more had been 
Luckily the rest of the chickens were hiding high in a tree
We picked up all up and placed them in their Hytte.
Christian calmly took Cubby from Lottie and very humanly sent her to heaven
while we nursed Cody and put him back with his feathered friends.
Then I sent a text to my closest neighbor with chickens of her own
to let her know an intruder was on the loose. 
RIP Cubby!

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