Tuesday, September 12, 2023

The Dog and the Cow

Angus walked with me around the property, and we checked on the cows,
and the tree that had fallen down last month
that we need to chop up into firewood for the winter.

Baby Stevie didn't want to play with Angus like he used to
when he was smaller, and Stevie kicked him in the face.
Angus was so offended and depressed.
I think Stevie's mama, Cow #26, was like,
"Son, we don't play with that type."
and Stevie was like, 
"Oh, but why? I really like running around with him."
And Cow #26 was like, 
"Because he's not one of us."
Then Stevie told Angus he couldn't play anymore, and Angus was like,
"Come on, Stevie, what's the problem?"
And Stevie is like,
"My mom says you're not my type; I can't play with you anymore."
Then Angus kept playing around and teasing Stevie, and Stevie was like,
"Go away, don't make me do it."
And Angus is like, 
"Do what?"
Then it happened: Stevie kicked Angus square in the face and yelled,
"And don't come back."
But I know Stevie's heart is secretly breaking,
especially when Angus took off for home
and didn't even look back.
I imagine it went something like that.
You know, a little Fox and the Hound storyline going on.

I think Angus is figuring out that these cows just keep getting bigger
and he keeps on getting smaller.

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