Wednesday, September 13, 2023


Today, while I was weeding the garden bed in front of my house, 
I noticed a weed growing near the root ball of my Hydrangea plant. 
 I pulled it out, only to discover a baby Copperhead snake coiled around it. 
Yes, you heard me right, a Copperhead snake!
I remained calm but jumped back cautiously and yelled for Christian
because I was unsure if it was the very venomous Copperhead or not
since other snakes mimic its appearance.
Thanks to Google Lens, I discovered it was a baby Copperhead
(the green tip tail gave it away).
I looked online and read about Copperhead snake bites, and then I 
didn't feel so bad for killing it.

It reminded me of the time I used to live on a ranch, 
and we would kill any Rattlesnakes that posed a threat to our family,
the ranch house, and our cattle.
I don't miss those giant snakes slithering around!
Can you spot the snake?

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