Monday, September 11, 2023

Please Come Home for Autumn

My hanging ferns have begun to yellow, signaling the approach of fall. 
It also could be that I haven't been watering them as consistently as I used to. 
I'm letting Autumn slowly take the reins around here.
This weekend, I plan to plant my fall bulbs. 
And I did buy 2 fancy pumpkins while visiting Trader Joe's earlier today. 
I'm gradually infusing Stillestead (and those who dwell here)
 with autumnal vibes.

Today, I talked with all three of my adult children
on the phone through Zoom.
My missionaries are doing amazing.
They requested I walk through Stillestead and show them the
Halloween/fall decorations I have around.
They loved the Jack-o'-lantern pillow on the couch
and the pumpkins on the porch, and we all felt nostalgic and homesick
for each other being all together.
Each week, I'm sure I'll do this house tour for them as I add more and more
decor to the house.

I hung up and cried.
Will I ever have them together under 
one roof again in Autumn?

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