Friday, September 08, 2023

It's Weird

 I did it.
I put up ONE measly Halloween decoration already.
I couldn't help myself, In fact, 
it went up on the last day of August, and I didn't tell anyone. 
 I wanted to wait and see when someone would notice it.
It is a framed photo of a lonely ghost haunting a 
vibrant autumnal forest.
I placed it on the tippy-top shelf in the kitchen,
where it wouldn't be obvious.
Until today, when Gigs said,

"Oh, ya, mom, I meant to tell you last week but,
I really like the Halloween picture in the kitchen."

Of course, my most detail-observant child noticed it.
"I really like the way it makes me feel when I look at it."
ME TOO, GIGS! That's why I ordered it and put it up already!
It's melancholy and cozy; it makes me feel sad and energized 
all at the same time!
It's a combination of mixed feelings.
It's because some of us in our household are drawn to somber themes.
It's weird.

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