Friday, September 01, 2023

Highly Affected

Today, Angus got a fancy grooming session with a 
nice bath and a fresh haircut in the back of Christian's truck. 
Lottie is very interested in whatever Christian is up to. 
After coming home from school, she quickly 
changes into her work clothes,
visits the chickens, and spends her afternoon outside.
 She loves it when the evenings come, and she and 
Christian goes out to the pastures to feed and check on the cows.
Tomorrow, we are starting the AI procedures on our mamas.
It's going to be an exciting long weekend!
We enjoyed the best weather a few days ago, 
with temperatures in the low 70s, 
the sun shining bright, and a faint fall breeze blowing. 
It was heavenly. 
But today it's so hot! The temperature has reached 96 degrees, and it looks
 like we're in for a week of similar weather. 
To be honest, I'm done with Summer and all this heat. 
I was chatting with Claire earlier, and as you know, she lives in Arizona, 
where it's hot most of the year, and it's hard to complain to her.
I was reminded of when I lived there as a young mom.
Even though Arizona is lovely, 
and my great-great-great-grandfather, Daniel W. Jones,
founded Mesa, Arizona, it turns out I'm not a Summer girl.
I struggled with the heat when I lived there years ago
and really experienced seasonal depression.

I wish I wasn't so HIGHLY affected by the weather.

Happy September!

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