Thursday, August 31, 2023

My Dozen


Last night, I got a phone call from our school superintendent, who
 announced that with Hurricane Idaila threatening 
the Carolinas, school was canceled.
This morning, I woke up to light wind, sunny weather, and fall-like temps.
Thankfully, the hurricane didn't even touch us.
Lottie and Gigs slept in until 11:00.
I spent my day outside, chicken-proofing my front yard. 
I used chicken wire to surround my hydrangeas, 
since they are relentless on plants and flowers. 
Although I don't love that they are "free-range," 
I am happy to have them around since they help 
reduce the number of bugs, including ticks, around the house.
Besides that, their poop is a great fertilizer that helps my plants and flowers grow. 
My chickens are getting older and bigger, and at least four 
of them are roosters because every day, they try to outdo each 
other with their Cockadodladooing. 

My friend Jessica has a breed of chicken called 
Cinnamon Queens, and in October, I will incubate their 
eggs and add a few queens to my flock. 
They are orange with white tail feathers.  They are beautiful!
I can't believe August is gone but at the same time,
I am super ready for September!
Farewell August, farewell Summer!

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