Monday, September 04, 2023


Today, we started our AI service for all six of our cows,
(Except #5.  She's the worst and runs away every time 
we try and catch her. We'll try again tomorrow).
This is a process because we want the cows to all be 
in heat simultaneously so that we can inseminate them, and then
they will (hopefully) all deliver their calves around the same time next year.
It's a very scientific and exciting procedure.
We place special stickers near the tails of all 
our mama cows that turn a bright orange if they are in heat.  
When we woke up this morning, Mama #15 had a glaring orange sticker
on her butt, and we knew it was time.
This year, we bought cow seamen from a 
very impressive bull in Virginia called Coda.
He's fantastic, and we're excited to have his offspring 
running around next June!
Updates forthcoming!


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