Thursday, September 21, 2023

Gardening from Stillestead

This afternoon, I worked in the garden preparing for the changing season.
I protected my hydrangea plants with chicken wire to prevent my
 chickens from damaging them by jumping on the delicate branches.

I replanted the bulbs the chickens scratched out of the soil.

Then, I spent some time tidying up the front porch to make room for the 
pile of firewood that we are planning to stack up next week. 

I found and admired a crazy-looking caterpillar moving around the lawn.
It looked fake.
It resembled a creature that a 5-year-old would imagine in their mind.
It is a good thing for Google Lens; I figured out it was a 
White-marked tussock moth was first discovered in 1797, and the four white
toothbrush-like tufts on its back can cause allergic reactions.
We didn't experience that, thankfully.
We also learned that when it finally becomes a moth,
it's not very pretty or colorful, as his caterpillar self suggests.
Lottie and I enjoyed observing and watching this creature 
crawl around our hands and tickle our arms.

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