Friday, September 22, 2023


 Today, I took Gigs and Lottie to their well-child check-ups,
which were just perfectly, well...well!
I'm so grateful for healthy children!
Christian, on the other hand, did not feel well today.
He was driving home from a work meeting when he had
terrible abdominal pain and back aches.
He pulled the car over and called 911, where he was
taken to the hospital with the most excruciating pain.
 It was discovered he had a 3 mm kidney stone.
And it was only after the discovery, and 3 hours later, they gave him
some pain meds, which calmed him down considerably, and he slept.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Back at Stillestead, Around 6:00, Lottie and I were having dinner together
waiting for Christian to return.
Gigs was at his new job (milking goats) when my cell rang.
It was Christian.  I answered it,
"Hello, sweetie!  Dinner is ready."
But it was NOT received very well.
A very panicked Christian on the other line said,
"I don't mean to alarm you, and I'm in a lot of pain
and in the back of an ambulance.  I'm not sure why it hurts so
bad, but I can't drive...."
And I was like, "Ahhh, what?!"
Then I was talking to the EMT, who told
me the hospital they were taking him to, and that's all the
 information she gave me.
I was a little panicky.  Actually, I was a lot panicked.
Then, I realized Gigs had the truck at work, so I tried calling him, but 
he didn't answer; I called him like 40 times in a row because
sometimes he ignores my phone calls.
But he didn't answer.
After calling my friend, who also works at the goat farm, 
she got hold of him, and within 20 minutes, he drove me and 
Lottie to the hospital, which was an hour away.
I wasn't sure what was happening with Christian, and I feared
he had a heart attack.  It was just a horrible feeling.

Finally, around 1:30, after a nice dose of morphine, 
I brought Christian home and put him
to bed, feeling so thankful he was alive and well again!!
The good news is that he passed the stone 12 hours later.
The bad news is he'll probably have more.
"They say it's worse than childbirth," he said to me
after it was all over.
"I've heard that." I calmly said.
But can it really be worse?
I was in labor with Gigs for a whole day and finally
pushed him (all 9 POUNDS of him) out without any medication.
Could it really be worse?

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