Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Ichabod & Gigs

 This afternoon, just before it was time to pick up Gigs from school,
he sent me a text:
"Mom, pick me up in the back."
Me: "Why?"
Gigs: "You know."
Me: "No, I don't. Why?"
Gigs: "You'll see."
Usually, when I pick up Gigs in the back, it means
he's bringing something home from the FFA/biology/agriculture rooms.
In the past, it's been anything from old reptile tanks
to animals to equipment. (You should see his room.)
Today, when I pulled around to the back, he was waiting for me,
holding a giant glass tank.
While we loaded it in the trunk of my car 
I looked inside, but there was nothing there.
"What is it?" I asked.
"Icabod," he smiled.
"Who, or what is Icabod?" I asked.
When I glanced over, I couldn't believe my eyes - Gigs was holding a
bright orange lizard! It turns out that a friend from school 
 asked Gigs to look after her pet while she was away at college.
In the car, Icabod climbed on Gig's shoulder, where he stayed throughout
dinner at Chipotle.
I've said this before, but Gigs has a talent with critters. 
He can see into their souls, and they feel safe with him.

*News FLASH: Ichabod is confirmed a female.

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