Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Welcome baby, Sunny!

 As it turns out, baby Lukie is not a bully, as we had all thought.  
Lukie is a heifer!  
So we named her Sunny after the Sunny month of August! 
Our condolences to cousin Luke, in Utah, who thinks a healthy
bull is named after him in North Carolina.
These things happen sometimes.
We were delighted she was a she!
Christian gave her all her newborn shots and tagged her, too
while Gigs (shirtless) and I tried to keep Mama calm.
She was NOT happy about us touching Sunny.
We are retaining all the heifer offspring to raise our herd up
 and will sell the bull cows
once they are old enough to ween off their mamas.

Now on to the chickens:
Oh, these chickens!
They ruin my garden beds and sleep in my garden pots,
they poop on my porch and peck at the front door
 like they want to come inside.
It's annoying, but I also really love them.
Once they are old enough and smart enough to make
it inside the hytte when their automatic coop shuts for the night,
(we still get stragglers that don't make it on time 
and have to sleep outside and are literally sitting ducks
for all the predators that roam Stillestead.  It's a scary thought),
then they will follow the cows around 
 in their mobile Hytte to help keep the flies and other bugs
away from the cattle.
Plus, their poop is really good for the soil of the pasture.
It's all pretty cool.
I also LOVE to call for them; they come running to me!
It was a BEAUTIFUL evening!

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