Monday, July 31, 2023

Welcome Baby, Lukie!

 This morning we had a very welcomed surprise!  
Mama #11 had her baby in the small thicket of trees
on the pasture.  A very substantial nice-sized calf!
We all thought it was a bully because of its size,
so we named it Luke after cousin Luke who happened to be
here with us (leaving today) for this most joyous event!
Mama #11 is the most grouchy of all the cows.
She's mean, stubborn, and does NOT like us around her and
especially her baby, so we didn't linger too long.
Tomorrow we'll be back to give shots, move the cows to a new pasture,
and fill up the water tubs.
When I say "we," I actually mean Christian.
The kids and I help, but Christian is really doing most of the work.

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