Wednesday, August 02, 2023


The other day I was talking with my friend Jessica about the 
bread starter Christian had made so we could up our pizza dough game.
Then she told me that her grandma Linda has a 50+ year starter
that she's given out to all her children and grandchildren, and I left her
home with some of my own grandma Linda starter.
I immediately went home and made a batch of pizza dough 
for our pizza night on Friday, using the heirloom starter.
I also made a sourdough loaf using Christian's starter.
I thought about Jane the whole time.
She was the sourdough queen and made the most delicious
loaves of bread.  When she left on her mission (ONE YEAR AGO)
she asked me to feed her starter, but I didn't,
and it died in the fridge, and I feel terrible about it.
When she gets home in January, we'll have TWO starters 
to use, and I bet she'll take to BYU with her, too.

Unfortunately, I had to leave while my bread was in the oven
so I asked Christian to take it out when it was done.
 He sent me a text:

It was AMAZING, and we'll see about the pizza
dough on Friday (fingers crossed).


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