Saturday, August 05, 2023

The Tradition Lives On!

Early this morning, Chrisitan and Gigs woke up and drove
to Virginia to work cattle.
Christian rents out the mobile squeeze chute equipment he owns and helps
other ranchers and cattle owners do a plethora of things;
preg-check, vaccinate, breed, get the idea.
They came home in the evening in time for our traditional pizza night.
Last Wednesday, I made pizza dough using our starter.
This simple recipe is best when the dough sits out for three days.
It was delicious.
Nice bubbles.
It still needs work, and I'm all in for it,
except Lottie and Gigs are sick of my moody pizza dough attempts.
Some weekends it's delicious, and sometimes it's doughy and blahhh.

I'm not giving up.
It's got to be LGO quality or BUST!

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