Friday, August 04, 2023

The "b" word

This is the face I've seen all too much this summer:
This is the face of a bored child who's asked me over and over
again what she should do with her day:
This is the face of a child eager for school to start:

I've mentioned several times in these dialogues, but in our family,
there is a terrible word that MUST NEVER be said.
That word is "bored."
I hate that word.
The house and the world outside are filled with things to do.
I mean, being bored is one emotion or feeling I have really never ever felt.
I can always busy myself or find something to do.
In fact, I'm always the opposite of bored; I usually feel very satisfied.
(And I am usually desperate for more time).
So I absolutely hate when my Nies tell me that they are bored.
It drives me crazy, and lately, I've heard this bad word
a lot in my house from none other than...Lottie.
What's worse is when I suggest about
50 million things she could do, and she rejects all of them.
Today after my 49 million idea was shot down, I suggested she pull out
her crocheting and start making something.

"Like what?!" she asked me.
"Make clothes for all your stuffed animals," I suggested, then went on,
"We could go upstairs, I could paint, you could crochet, and we could watch
all the fun classic Disney cartoons starting with Snow White."
That sounded super awesome to me, and I was amazed she agreed.
So while I painted and she crocheted, we laughed and sang along
with Snow White, and before you knew it, she had made five cute little hats
for her favorite stuffies, and I almost finished my painting project!
After, we went outside to warm up and feed the chickens
some left-over sourdough bread I had made a few days before,
then made dinner.

See, there is no time for being bored!

*A note to Mom in Utah,
 did I ever tell you I was bored?

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