Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Preach My Gospel


Our family was super excited to hear the news of the new
updated Preach My Gospel was just released.
We've dedicated our evening family scripture study to studying it.
Our goal is to get it read by the time the kids start school
at the end of next month (did I actually type the word school?)
It's such a good way to learn more about Jesus Christ
and His plan and purpose.  
Plus, obviously, Sister and Elder Nielson are both studying it
as they serve missions in Brazil and Portugal
and knowing Claire, she is also studying it, too.
We LOVE missionary work!

Also, I came home from my Barre class and found Lottie 
reading the scriptures in her bed while jotting
what she was processing into a fantastic comic-style story.
It's super epic.

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