Thursday, July 06, 2023

In My Own World

Today, Lottie and I started our Summer paint-by-number project.
Horses. We're painting horses.
I've always wanted a whole wall dedicated to my paint-by-numbers.
I have quite a few (and ordered more from photos I took.
Coming soon!).
So, armed with several paintbrushes, a Dr. Pepper,
and Taylor Swift playing in the background; 
we got after it for a few hours until Lottie was bored and ready to move
on to the next thing, so she went outside and played with the chickens.
But I stayed.
I could seriously do that ALL DAY, but then I remember that I still need
to, you know, be a mom and stuff.
But something about painting takes me away, where I'm relaxed
and calm and in my own world.

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