Thursday, June 29, 2023

Sometimes We Pinch Ourselves


Today I cleaned up Claire's room and took her bed sheets off
to wash them for the next time she comes.
I cried.
My house is filled with her touches.
The flowers she arranged for my birthday dinner are still in vases
in the kitchen.
The spools of ribbon she used to decorate my birthday dinner table,
and the papers with doodles she and Lottie drew together.
It feels empty without her.
I miss ALL three of my older Nies.
Sometimes it really hits me.
This evening we checked on the cows, particularly baby Stevie.
All is well, and I wonder if the cows know how lucky they are 
to live in this beautiful part of the world?!
We pinch ourselves almost every evening, 
especially when the sun is lowering 
and the sky turns brilliant colors before it goes dark 
because we get to live here.

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