Thursday, June 08, 2023


Today my beautiful Charlotte Christiansdatter was 
promoted from elementary school
to junior high at her graduation ceremony!
What a lovely girl Lottie is!
How proud of her I am!
Christian and I gave Lottie a ruby ring that her uncle and master
goldsmith uncle, Andrew, made to celebrate this significant occasion.
It's gorgeous, and she was so excited!

Of course, the principal asked us NOT to clap or cheer when our graduates 
name was announced until all the names were read,
 and, of course, Gigs and I couldn't help ourselves and shouted 
loudly for our Lottie girl!
I was sad that her older siblings weren't there to cheer her on.
(Christian, either!  He had a work meeting he had to be at).
I took LOADS of photos and promptly sent them to Nurse Claire in Arizona,
Sister Jane in Portugal, Elder Oliver in Brazil, and Christian in Raleigh.
(And Umi in Utah).
I know Lottie misses them, and I felt that yelling on their behalf
was appropriate.  It was kind of like,
"Lottie, your family around the world is soooo proud of you,
even though they can't be here tonight!"
After the ceremony, we went to Chippes, her favorite restaurant
for tacos and good Coke.
Congratulations, Punny!!

Claire & Jane elementary school promotion HERE

Oliver elementary school promotion HERE
*And, Gigs graduated differently than a typical elementary school kid
in 2019 since we were homeschooling at the ranch.
He often tells me he feels like he got jipped out of many 
of our family traditions.  I have to agree, and I feel bad about that.

(and the poncho you wear even when it's 100 degrees outside!)

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