Wednesday, June 07, 2023

And today I did

This morning we woke up to a haze with some occasional rain.
Fires in Canada are blowing down toward my sleepy little 
town around Stillestead.
 I took this photo on Monday as I was driving Lottie to school,
before the haze overcame us all.
This is her last week and 
Gigs took his last final this morning!
After my Barre class, I came home and climbed back into bed
and fell asleep for an hour.
I don't know if it was the weather or the fact that I could just
do that when I need to, and today I did.
After dinner (Salmon on the grill),
Christian and I talked Lottie and Gigs into coming with us
to the free English class (offered to anyone who wants to learn)
with the promise that we'd stop by McDonald's
after for fries and Frozen Coke.
I was a little emotional in class tonight because 
I am so impressed with the students who are willing to learn English,
who practice, who show up, and who try.
They try so hard.
I will never be able to learn another language.
It's so hard for my brain to even try.
Sometimes they try and teach me Spanish, and I'm dead.
We drove home in the dark with McDonald's, sporadic lightning flashes
in the distance, and fireflies bleeping around the car.


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