Friday, June 09, 2023

Last Day of School 2023!

The last day of school!
In August of last year, Lottie started school with her big brothers, and now
of course, Ollie has been in Brazil since he finished school in January
and Gigs finished up his last exam on Tuesday.
So she finished this last day of school alone.
I'm so thankful for Lottie's wonderful teacher, Mrs. Knight, who
was such a champ all year!
As I drove Lottie to her last day in elementary school,
I could tell she was feeling a little sad.
She'll miss her daily time with her friends and teachers.
And to make things worse, her two BEST friends 
are both moving!
I don't ever remember feeling that way. Like, ever!
You know me, a straight-up homebody, I couldn't get far
enough away once the last day of school was out.
But I loved this about Lod!
She's social and fun.
Two things I am not.
Christian and I served in the temple tonight, then grabbed dinner after
and took it to Stillstead pasture, where our cows are grazing,
and we discussed important things like how can we have faith
and be responsible at the same time? You know?
Like, when something scary is happening, how do we say,
I'll just have faith that the Lord will provide
Is that responsible??

We talked about our family theme from 2012 
"Remove any of your fear with faith and trust in the power
of God to guide you".
We've seen sooo many miracles in our lives
and God ALWAYS provides in His timing and plan for our family.
It was a really productive conversation, and we're both 
doing the best we can, and 
I'll just say this: starting a start-up company is horribly frustrating,
and very scary.
Then I took a photo of Mama Cow #11.
I don't mean to be rude, but HAVE YOUR BABY ALREADY

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