Monday, June 12, 2023

Fear of the Comb

 Today Christian finished the chicken coop, 
including the fantastic patriotic American flag he painted on the door.  
My only contribution to making this coop
 was cutting out paper stars for the flag. 
 I also suggested I use leftover wallpaper to hang inside the coop.  
I wasn't kidding, but no one took me seriously, 
and now it's too late; the chicks have been introduced inside, 
and there is far too much poop for me to make real on that idea.
But wouldn't that have been amazing?!
We have thirteen chicks, and they each have a name that 
Gigs and Lottie gave them when they first hatched from their eggs.
They claim they can tell them apart and even have 
noticed the personalities of each chick.
It's cute.
Chunks, Medium, Butters, Penguin, Derick, Donatello, Goose, 
Master Woo, Marigold, Topanga, Garmadon, Cubby, and Cody.
Upon further observation, we have 4 roosters
in the bunch.
Lottie tries and gets me to hold them, and I honestly don't have
any desire to, and here's why;
I have a fear of their know, the area on the top of their
heads? It's still developing, but it really seriously
gives me the creeps to look at it. 
I think it's my Trypophobia talking.
I don't even know if I spelled it right, but I ain't checking
 because I am too scared of the photos that will appear in my search.
They will haunt me, and I can't. I just can't even.
I'm pretty excited about my Zinna's that I planted by seed in the Spring.
They are popping out, and I'm thrilled!

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