Tuesday, June 13, 2023

So Long, Men!

 This morning I dropped my boys off at the church 
for Young Men's camp for the week.
They're headed to Pisgah National Forrest, about three hours from us. 
 It's GORGEOUS up there, and with so much to do!
Since there are only two other boys from our branch
Christian and Gigs are joining another ward, which was
really cool that they invited them.
I'm really excited for them- especially Christian, even though I know
he's going to support Gigs.
Something about his fishing and playing makes me really happy.
He's been so busy with work and so stressed.
So much anxiety and worry come with starting a business,
and I look forward to the day when that kind of stress is out of our lives.
If it ever will, and I pray it does.
Lottie and I spent the day out and about running errands
including, Target, Costco, lunch at Chipotle,
treats at Crumbl, drinks at Sodabox, then home to Stillestead
to check the cows, put the chickens back in the Hytte 
and start our Twilight marathon.
(Her choice. Definitely her choice.)
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