Thursday, May 11, 2023

Sort of the best

 This afternoon, I did something I don't usually do,
I invited Angus to come with me to pick up 
Nicholas and Lottie from school.
He really, I mean, really enjoyed the car ride.

I usually don't bring him along because, well, for one thing,
he insists I roll the window down so he can stick his whole head out,
 but then he ends up barking at every person walking or jogging by.
He barks at every car or biker he sees, and it's so alarming.
I'm so embarrassed.
He also nervously wanders back and forth in the backseat until he
finally plunges over the seat and right next to me.
Which drives me crazy.

But he is sure a welcomed sight for Lottie and Gigs after
a long full day of school.

Dogs are sort of the best.

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