Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Bulldozin', waterin', and drinkin'

This morning after the school rush and barre class,
I came home and did some yard work
(cutting the extension cord in half with the trimmer.
Excellent job, me!) while messaging Jane in Portugal since today was her P-day.
I planted more Peonie, Daliah, and Hollyhock bulbs in the front yard beds,
 then got crazy and mowed (destroyed) the backyard beds.
There were too many weeds and weird plants, which felt unkempt.
I just held my breath and bulldozed on.
I looked back.  
It looked bad.
But now, I have a clear vision of what I want to do.
Now I can see the space's shape and all its possibilities.
What a great analogy; sometimes, we must strip everything down
to the foundation, to the core, to see the potential clearly.
Sometimes we have to just start over.
With the Savior's help, starting over is possible.
What a beautiful promise!
Then I watered the cows.
The weather is heating up, and they drink more water than usual.
Since Christian is gone, the job was mine.  
I filled up the giant water tank in the back of the truck, then drove
to the pasture where the cows are grazing, and attached the hose from the tank
to the giant water tubs that dot the field where clean cold water spilled out.
They came up to the water and started drinking as soon as it hit the tub.
Meanwhile, Dr. Pepper and I listened to country music, enjoying the quiet
while still texting Jane Bug.
Ahhhh, the life.

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