Friday, May 12, 2023

World War Z

 This afternoon Lottie and I discovered a dead lizard in,
now this might shock you, in..., brace yourself, in...Gig's room!!
Shocker, I know!
It was under his desk next to the cockroach cage.
He has about 16 terrariums, cages full of critters, and who knows
what else.   He's so curious and creative that it's hard to tell him no.
 The other night, he asked me to come upstairs
to watch his cockroaches eat.
He smeared what looked like peanut butter on the sides of the 
glass terrarium, and within seconds, GIANT roaches began 
crawling on each other, filling the sides, 
and eating the mysterious brown stuff off the glass.
It looked like a scene from World War Z.
It was gross but also cool.
Anyway, his room is a mess and a little bit stinky
and organization is a nightmare.
It's just not a priority for him.
But it sure is for me!
So I try to help him along, but most of the time, we just 
argue, and I get petty, and he gets stubborn, and well, you know the rest.
We got him a new bed.  It's queen-sized, which fits him
much better than his little single bed.
We told him if he'd sell the beds (his and Ollie's), he could have the money.
Well, that was a few weeks ago, and the beds still occupy his room.
 He doesn't want the money that badly, I guess.
Or it's a great place to store more stuff, like the clean clothes
I just washed and folded
or to take an after-school nap on (sideways).
Kids these days!

Does anyone want to buy two in good condition
twin beds?  Do you live by me?

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