Monday, May 15, 2023

Pasture Check

 Our Mama cows should be delivering their babies any time
now into mid-June.
Since we bought these Mama cows bred, 
and the rancher we brought them from had a bull roaming the property
year-round and didn't keep any records
(someone needs to tell him about Bov-IQ?!)
we don't have an exact date when our babies will arrive.  
Last fall, our vet came out to 
Stillestead to preg-check them and gave us an estimated date.
We've got one out (baby April) and expect five more.
The cows are in a pasture that is a little ways off from the house,
so we hopped on the motorcycle to do a quick "pasture check."
No babies.
I'm dying!  I'm so excited!!

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