Sunday, May 14, 2023

Jane in Portugal: May 2023

 We went to the temple last p-day. 
It was wonderful and special and had been too long. 
(Kkk, only a month - I am so blessed to live in an area close to the temple!) 
The Lord's house is a really special place. 🤍
MY mom made a YOUR mom joke on my Facebook 
timeline with someone I don't even know. 🤣🤣🤣
Thanks, Mom. You've taught me well.
I ate some super yummy açaí with my querida Sister Smith. 🫐🥜🍓
What a queen 👑
We had a Zoom meeting with the leaders of our congregation about 
how we can move forward with the missionary work here in Linda-a-Velha. 
It was not the most productive meeting, to say the of the 
members knew we were dying and took a screenshot, turned it into a meme 
(in English!), and then texted it to us. 😂
That was funny. 
Ah, gente, I miss browsing the memes 🤣
All 180-something of us of the Lord's battalion here in Portugal congregated 
in Lisbon to sing, pray, and learn about the Atonement of Jesus Christ! 
It was incredible, and it won't happen again in my mission lifetime. 🤩
I loved seeing all of my old companions! 🥲
Our neighbor has a really cute dog named Jessie 
that all the missionaries
 who have ever served here know and love.

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