Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Interlagos Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This morning our vet showed up at the house; he and Christian
were going to preg-check and immunize our mama cows.
My parents' plane was scheduled to arrive in Raleigh late afternoon, and I 
could tell the job outside was taking longer than expected, so I called
the high school and checked the boys out of school so they
could come home and help out.
Plus, it's the last day before Thanksgiving break!
I knew Claire was coming home from work, so I called Lottie's
school and checked her out, and Claire picked her up on her way home.
It was perfect timing, and in just about 30 minutes, both the boys
and Claire and Lottie pulled up our driveway at the same time!
It was just too perfect. 
Turns out, Christian and the vet miraculously finished working the cows,
which was kind of a miracle.  
Ollie jumped out of the car, ran up to me, and told me that while 
he was walking to the car, he got an e-mail notification that
How incredibly perfect that EVERYONE WAS HOME at the same time
to gather around him and hear him announce his call!
But first, he wanted to read it himself.
Fair enough.
I'd want to do the same thing, too.
Claire and Jane did the same thing.
Ollie jumped on his motorcycle and disappeared down the street.
He was gone for about twenty minutes, and we all
anxiously waited in the living room for his return with our
guesses written on little papers.
He came home, face flushed and as giddy as could be.
Jane's mission president allowed her to call home for this special family event,
so with Jane on the phone from Portugal, we all listened intently as Ollie opened
up our guesses. Then he said to us;
"One of you has guessed the right place."
Then he read his mission letter from our prophet, Russell M. Nelson,
"You are assigned to labor in the Interlagos Sao Paulo, Brazil mission."
Claire was freaking out, Jane was screaming on the phone from Portugal,
Angus was going wild, not understanding what was happening; Lottie was crying,
 I was freaking out, and we were all hugging.
And, Gigs once again predicted the mission.
He guessed Brazil for Claire in 2020
He guessed Portugal for Jane in 2022
And now, he correctly guessed Brazil for Ollie!
(Will he be able to guess HIS assignment?  I think he's going 
to the islands!)
So grateful that our day went the way it did and that I felt impressed to check 
the Nies out of school, so we could all be home 
for this exciting family moment together.
It was definitely a tender mercy from the Lord!
Then we jumped in the car and picked up Umi and Gramps 
at the airport.
This truly is going to be the best holiday week!!

Congratulations, Oliver Christian!
I am sooo proud of you!!

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