Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Over the River and Through the Woods...

Our grandparents came to NC!
And this morning, we took Umi and Gramps to Duke University 
and gardens to stroll the beautiful campus. 
Students wheeled suitcases out of their dorms and into Uber cars--
probably heading home for Thanksgiving.
The vibe on campus was so fun!
Then we heard angelic music coming from Duke Chapel, so we stopped by
to check it out; inside the majestic chapel, someone was
 playing gorgeous Christmas music on the organ, 
and we stopped in and listened for a while.
Lottie only had her rollerskates on, but they said it was
 OK, for her to come in anyway.
Later, we grabbed dinner and ice cream after.

We came home, and I started cooking some 
of our Thanksgiving sides for tomorrow's feast.
Soon Ollie came in and created his Frog Eye Salad- 
which he makes every year with Jane.  
We miss Jane so much!

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