Friday, May 19, 2023

Living his best life

 This morning we woke up to rain.
Normally I would rejoice in this weather, but why did it have 
to rain today, on Lod's field day?!
Nevertheless, I got her up and packed an extra pair of clothes in her backpack,
then in the pouring rain, I dropped her off at school.
She was still really excited.
I love kids!
When I came home, Andrew was snuggled up on the porch swing
with Angus at his feet, just living their best lives.
I made bread in the kitchen and then sat with him on the swing 
while the bread was on the counter rising.
Once the bread was cooked, we ate almost the whole loaf,
then Christian drove us around to see the Raligh Temple, and we 
snuck Lottie and Gigs out of school early for a late lunch in Chapel Hill.
Gigs and Andrew came home and took the motorcycles out for a
rainy drive, then we ended our evening upstairs with drinks and popcorn.
Tomorrow we are taking on the beach, rain or shine!
(I really hope for some shine!)
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