Thursday, May 18, 2023

5 visits 8

 A few months ago, I got a text from my older brother, Andrew.
Andrew (and all my 8 other siblings) live in Utah.
He texted me and said he was booking a trip to come out and visit me.
He went on to share how much he loves and misses
me and how I am his favorite sister...just kidding; he didn't say that,
but he needed a little getaway before Summer begins and life 
gets busy with trips, camps, and other stuff.
He's also the Bishop of his church congregation, which takes up
a lot of his time emotionally and physically.
He deserves a little getaway!
Actually, he told me that all he wanted to do was 
"hang out with Gigs, fly his drones, and catch raccoons."
Of course, I was thrilled!
Today we picked him up at the airport and drove around the campuses 
of Duke and UNC and showed him where Michael Jordan played basketball,
and the beautiful Duke University Chapel, where our family loves to visit
and hear the angelic organ play.
We came home, and he jumped on the motorcycle, and I didn't
see him for a little while.
I loved imagining him zipping down the beautiful North Carolina
back roads while all his weighty responsibilities back home in Utah 
disappeared behind him.
He and Gigs played golf and wiffle ball with Lottie in the front yard.
Then the motorcycle battery died as we were checking on the cows,
and as it was getting dark outside and Andrew had to walk it home.
He said he didn't mind, and I actually think he enjoyed it.

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