Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Burritos FTW!

 Our family could eat burritos every night (and for lunch too!)
for weeks if we had to.
It's a super low-effort dinner.
I make a big pot of delicious beans with some secret ingredients.
I know you think that I probably sneak Dr. Pepper into the pot, but no, 
(I've tried that before, and it's not that great)
instead, I add a healthy heaping spoonful of chipotle and liquid smoke.
Truth is, Lottie has had a gut-full of burritos; she's lost the magic
of the pure simplicity of this meal.

Tonight when I announced:
"it's burrito night!!" 
She rolled her eyes and made herself a bowl of cereal.

Have you ever had a 3D burrito?
No, you haven't because I invented it...well, the name, anyway.
It's crispy grilled cheese around the whole outside of the burrito,
and Gigs has mastered it perfectly and generously made me one!
I have taught my children so well.
(Pat on my own back!)

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