Saturday, May 20, 2023

First of the Summer kisses

 This morning we got up, packed the truck with our beach essentials; 
blankets, towels, a cooler full of drinks, sandwiches, and our radio 
(which wasn't charging in the car and was DOA).
We drove three hours to my favorite beach, Emerald Isle.
It was a little more crowded than usual and a little chilly.
I kept my sweatshirt and jeans on most of the time.
But Andrew, Christian, and Lottie (Gigs had to work...booo)
all got in the water at least once.
The rest of the time, we played wiffle ball, 
we found cool jellyfish and shells,
and, of course, we lay out and let the sun break
 in our first of the summer kisses.
When the sun started to fade, we packed it in, but we schemed
to have Andrew's family back for a beach week.
I really hope that comes to pass one day!
We stopped by Cook Out (A Southern fast-food treasure) 
for shakes and fries.

I can't wait to fill up our summer at the beach!
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