Monday, May 01, 2023

At the same time!


Today I got to talk to ALL MY BIG KIDS AT THE SAME TIME!
It was such a beautiful gift!
Everyone is doing OK!
Last week things were a little rough with Ollie in Brazil last week, 
and Jane was feeling a little out of sorts in Portugal, too.
But this week, everyone was happy and doing so good!
I was soooo grateful!  
There is nothing better for me than knowing my children are doing well.
Claire was just leaving to work but was able to chat with us,
and even Gigs popped on during his lunch break.
We missed Lottie, who was at school. Obviously.

Today at my Barre class, I chatted with a friend who was so excited to tell me
that she had found a church where she and her little family
could go to worship.  I was so happy for her!
Everyone needs God.
No matter who you are, God keeps us tethered to each other,
He provides lasting relationships that are built on His love, His teachings, 
and His grace.

God is so good.
He is the giver of good gifts.
Some of those gifts in my life are,
my children
my family
my husband
my faith
Covenants, blessings, and hope.
Happy May, 
from our cute little Stillestead!!

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