Sunday, April 30, 2023

Jane in Portugal: April 2023

 Olá gente! 
We had a lesson this week with a cute Brazilian girl.
I have been trying (really, I have!) 
to develop the accent of the Portuguese people. 
It is so beautiful and unique! 🥰
But this woman didn't understand one dang word I said. Not one!
 (All those "shhhs" 🤌🏻)
So, as of Thursday, I have decided that 
I am going to be like the rest of my siblings and talk like a Brazilian.
It just won't do to have people not understand me if my only 
job is to talk to people all day! 😆
Maybe one day I will try again...
I have started to buy picture books in Portuguese. 
My collection of darling books is steadily growing and will
 be such a treasure for my future home! 🥰📚🐓

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