Tuesday, May 02, 2023


 This afternoon Christian got a phone call from Gigs, 
who was mowing a friend's lawn in another neighborhood.
Anyway, I listened to their conversation and could tell Gigs was upset.
Christian was sweet and occasionally would say,
"I'm so sorry, buddy. Oh! Buddy,  I'm so sorry!"
I knew something was up.
After Christian hung up, he told me that while Gigs was
mowing the lawn, he accidentally ran over a nest of bunnies
killing (very gruesomely, I might add) two bunnies, but was able to save one.
Gigs and animals (and insects) go hand-in-hand, so I knew this incident
was going to be very hard on him.
Chrisitan told me that he had scooped up the deceased bunnies 
and went into the woods, "said a prayer," and buried them.
Knowing Gigs, that was an unfortunate and tender moment.
He connects with creatures more than he does with humans.
He feels deeply for them, thinks like them, and even communicates with them.
He's like Steve Irwin, Dr. Doolittle, and Dr. Pol all in one!

Later, he walked into the house with the smallest-looking baby bunny 
hidden in the front pocket of his sweatshirt.
He pulled him out and said, 
"His name is Bender."
I thought he said "Blender," which actually is kind of appropriate
when you think about it.
"Not Blender, Mom! Sheesh, that's sick." He told me.
But Blender stuck, and that's what we all called him the rest of the night.

Gigs gave him warm milk in a syringe and kept him warm using
one of his reptile heating pads.
He's taking it to his biology /FFA teacher at school tomorrow, 
for further instructions.
As I was praying before bed, sharing my day with God, 
and when Gigs brought home an orphaned bunny, and
 I felt a very distinct feeling that these experiences
that Gigs is having is shaping his life.
It's so beautiful because he is learning how to 
hear, rely upon, and respond to the spirit.
These stories will shape his teenage years and will be stories
in the chapters of his life and for his posterity.

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